1) What are the 3 main food groups? a) Carbohydrate, fat, protein b) Fat, vitamins, minerals c) Protein, minerals, fibre d) Carbohydrate, fibre, water 2) What will increase your metabolic rate? a) If you are female b) Regular exercise c) Being a vegetarian d) High proportion of fat to muscle 3) Which is not a health problem of obesity? a) Type 2 diabetes b) Arthritis c) Scurvy d) High blood pressure 4) Which is not a problem caused by lack of food? a) Fatigue b) Poor resistance to infection c) Irregular periods d) Cancer 5) What can be used to lower cholesterol in the blood? a) Aspirin b) Statins c) Adrenaline d) Glucose 6) Which is not important in a study to evaluate a new slimming product? a) Large sample size b) If celebrities promote it c) Age and gender d) Initial body mass 7) Microorganisms which cause disease are called? a) Protozoans b) Pathogens c) Prokaryotes d) Penicillin 8) Which is not true of white blood cells? a) They engulf foreign cells b) They produce antibodies c) They produce antigens d) They produce antitoxins 9) What is injected in a vaccination? a) Dead or inactive pathogens b) Antibiotics c) Antiseptics d) Antihistamines 10) What did Ignaz Semmelweis do? a) Discover penicillin b) Show the importance of basic hygiene c) Discover MRSA d) Cure AIDS



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