Find, correct to the nearest penny, the compound interest gained when £2400 is invested for 3 years at 2% a year., Solve 24 - 2x/5 = 6 - x, Simplify\thickspace 3x6y2×4x2y5, Write the smallest whole number that the number 2100 must be divided by in order to obtain a perfect square., In a sale, the original price of a television is discounted by 38%. The price of the television in the sale is £899. Calculate the original price of the TV, What is the sum of the interior angles of any octagon?, Explain why a regular polygon cannot have exterior angles that are all 50°., A fair six-sided die, with numbers 1 to 6 on the faces, is thrown twice. What is the probability a double 4 is thrown?, What is the area of a fifth of a circle with diameter 7cm? Give your answer correct to two decimal places., Find the lowest common multiple of 72 and 120., True or False? (Do not use a calculator!) (i) sin 00 = 0 (ii) cos 00 = 0 (iii) tan 00 = 0, Using what you know about prime factors, explain why 16 × 64 is a square number. (Do not use a calculator.).



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