Writing to Inform - You shouldn't really show many of your own feelings, and you definitely don't want to tell your audience how they should feel. Instead, you make the facts easy to understand, with a clear structure: What? When? Who? Where?, Writing to Explain - You don't just write information - you also need to give reasons. In very basic terms you can think of the difference in terms of answering a slightly different set of questions: What? When? Who? Where? How? Why?, Writing to Describe - When you are writing in this way, think of drawing a picture or taking a photograph. You focus on a certain point, write a paragraph about it, then move to the next point and the next., Writing to Argue - Present a very clear idea about your writing; what do you want your audience to think and be very strong with your wording when considering this. , Writing to persuade - Be definite, be positive, be pushy. You can repeat yourself, it can be personal and try to push for feelings in this writing. , Writing to Advise - The trick is to be gentle - it's no good pushing your ideas at your readers, or trying to impress them. Instead, you should come across as friendly, as someone who just wants to help.,



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