1) The highest ____ in the world is Angel Falls ____ Venezuela. It’s 979 metres ____. People sometimes ____ from the top with a ____! 2) The world’s ____ tree house is in ____ USA. It’s got 50 rooms, but people don’t ____ in them. It isn’t ____. 3) The most ____ snake in the world is the Belcher’s ____ snake. It lives in the sea in South East Asia. It can kill ____ person in 30 seconds. 4) The biggest ____ in the world is the Goliath Birdeater. It lives in the ____ of South America. It’s 28 centimetres long. But don’t worry – it isn’t dangerous to ____.5) The Burj Khalifa in Dubai ____ the world’s tallest building. It is 828 metres ____. People live there, and the world’s highest restaurant is ____ the 122nd floor. 6) This is Jonathan, the giant ____. He lives on the ____ island of Saint Helena and he’s ____ oldest animal in the world. He’s 185 years ____.




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