1) The buildings are ______ (high) than the houses. a) more high b) higher c) highest 2) The rabbit is ______ (fast) than the turtle a) faster b) more fast c) the faster 3) She is the ______ (tall) girl in the classroom. a) tallest b) taller c) the more tall 4) This is _______ (happy) day of all! a) the happier b) more happy c) the happiest 5) Interstellar is one of _______ (good) movies I've ever seen! a) the better b) the best c) the goodest 6) In my opinion, strawberries are _________ (good) than mangoes a) better b) best c) good 7) Are boars _______ (strong) than elephants? a) strongest b) stronger c) more strong 8) Barbecue is __________ (delicious) food! a) the more delicious b) the most delicious c) deliousest 9) The rainbow is __________ (colorful) thing that appears in the sky a) the more colorful b) the most colorful 10) Is Danoninho ______ (sweet) than Yakult? a) sweeter b) more sweet c) sweetest

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