1) Can you say "é caro" in English? a) it's cheap b) it's early c) it's late d) it's expensive 2) Where do you like to go on your vacation? a) steak b) beach c) juice d) salad 3) What do you want to take to the beach? a) pencils b) flip flops c) snow globe d) sunglasses e) shorts f) a cap 4) What can you eat for lunch a) coffee b) pasta c) lettuce d) tea e) steak f) lemonade 5) What can you drink for lunch a) lemonade b) pasta c) tea d) bread e) soda 6) can you say " é incrivel!" in English a) It's hot b) It's awesome c) It's early d) It's late e) It's cold 7) Can you give examples of souvenirs? a) tea b) key chain c) magnet d) shorts e) mug 8) Can you give examples of instruments? a) box b) piano c) snow globe d) guitar e) dollar f) saxophone 9) Can you give examples of places you can go when you are on vacation? a) downtown b) beach c) countryside d) summer camp e) school

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