1) What CAN'T you see in the picture? a) two seagulls b) a boat c) a message in a bottle d) a river 2) We can see a storm. a) TRUE b) FALSE 3) On the table, we CAN'T see... a) postcards b) seagulls c) bottles 4) Beaky the seagull likes taking........ from people. a) fish b) bottles c) food 5) Karim is having fun with the... a) islands b) seagulls c) dinosaurs 6) Oh, no! Look at the ..... a) boat b) island c) bottle d) bridge 7) Karim puts the bottle into the.... a) river b) boat c) island 8) The children are.... a) swimming b) playing c) fishing 9) Jack and Olga are on the... a) boat b) bridge c) island

KIDS 3 - Reader: Message in a bottle



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