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Do you usually remember (call) your friends on their birthdays?, Have you stopped (do) anything because you were too busy?, Would you enjoy (spend) holidays on a desert island?, Would you consider (share) a flat with someone you don't know well?, How do you feel if you try (do) something and fail?, Do you expect (do) well in your tests?, Have you ever regretted (spend) money on an item of clothing?, Have you ever refused (lend) something to a friend?, Have you ever thought about (move) abroad?, Where do you avoid (go) at night?, Is it worth (visit) your hometown?, Have you ever forgotten (pay) a bill?, Are you happy with your mobile or would you rather (buy) a new one?, In your opinion, going to amusement parks means (have) a good or a bad time?, Have you ever tried (record) yourself doing a speaking task?, Should children demand (be) heard on environmental and political issues? , Do you remember (play) hide and seek when you were a child?, Do you remember an incident you couldn't help (laugh) about?, Have you ever volunteered (help) needy people?, Do you tend (lose) your temper?.

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