1) Which do you think is _____________ to learn, your own language or English? a) harder b) the hardest c) hard 2) What's _______ thing about studying English? a) difficult b) most difficult c) the most difficult 3) What's ______ holiday you've ever had? a) the worst b) bader c) the badest 4) What's _______ journey you've ever been on? a) the more longest b) the longest c) the most longest 5) Do you think travelling alone is _______ than travelling with friends or family? a) enjoyable b) the most enjoyable c) more enjoyable 6) Are you _______ in the morning or in the afternoon? a) activier b) more active c) the most active 7) Which part of the day is ________ for you? a) the most relax b) the most relaxing c) more relaxing 8) Do you find listening is _________ than speaking? a) easier b) more easier c) the esiest 9) What's your _______ friend like? a) the better b) better c) best 10) Who in your family are you ______ to? a) more close b) closest c) the closest 11) Is it ______ to buy things online or in a shop? a) cheaper b) cheapest c) more cheaper 12) Which do you think is ___________, a laptop or a tablet? a) more practical b) practical c) most practical

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