1) My school bought new Apple computers! They are ____ good! a) NOT VERY b) REALLY c) A BIT 2) My friend lost his new phone yesterday. He was ___________happy. a) REALLY b) QUITE c) NOT VERY 3) I got new clothes for my birthday. I was_______ happy, but I'd rather get video games. a) A BIT b) VERY c) REALLY 4) The teacher was _______ happy when she saw we didn't do the homework. a) REALLY b) VERY c) NOT VERY 5) I got an A+ in Maths! My parents were ____ surprised because I hate Maths. a) QUITE b) A BIT c) NOT VERY 6) Samsung S11 is a ______ less expensive. Only $5 less. a) VERY b) BIT c) QUITE 7) The Wi-Fi is so good that when I play games it's______ fast! a) A BIT b) NOT VERY c) VERY 8) IPhone 11 is _______ big, compared to iphone 10. a) REALLY b) VERY c) NOT VERY 9) The 64GB memory storage is a problem. It's _______ limited. a) QUITE b) NOT c) NOT VERY 10) The camera is amazing! I can take ______  nice pictures! a) A BIT b) REALLY c) NOT VERY



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