1) "The boy with fair hair lowered himself down the last few feet of rock." a) Piggy b) Ralph c) Eric d) Jack 2) "The boy who controlled them was dressed in the same way though his cap badge was golden." a) Sam b) Simon c) Jack d) Ralph 3) "This head is for the beast. It's a gift." a) Simon b) Ralph c) Piggy d) Jack 4) "I don't care what they call me" a) Simon b) Jack c) Ralph d) Piggy 5) "I'm not going to play any longer. Not with you." a) Jack b) Piggy c) Maurice d) Percival 6) "Why do you hate me?" a) Jack b) Simon c) Sam d) Ralph 7) "You want a real pig...because you've got to kill him." a) Robert b) Maurice c) Percival d) Sam 8) "I hit him. The spear stuck in -" a) Simon b) Ralph c) Jack d) Robert 9) "We may stay here till we die." a) Ralph b) Piggy c) Simon d) Jack 10) "I ought to be chief." a) Jack b) Ralph c) Simon d) Piggy




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