1) What´s your name/surname/ middle name? 2) How old are you? 3) Where do you live? Do you like living there? 4) Who do you live with? 5) What do you do? 6) What do you usually do on a normal day? 7) What does your mother/father do? Can you describe your mother/ father? 8) What did you do yesterday? 9) Are you a sporty person? 10) Do you prefer watching sports or playing them? 11) What do you prefer doing in your free time? 12) What rules do you follow at school/ at home? 13) How do you spell your surname? 14) Is your dad going to cook dinner tonight? 15) What´s your favourite food? 16) Can you play a musical instrument? 17) What is your friend doing now? 18) What are some rules you have to follow at your house? 19) How often do you have a shower? 20) Who is your favourite actor? 21) When are the next school holidays? 22) What do you usually have for breakfast? 23) Which days do you have maths? 24) How often do you go to the movies? 25) What do you usually eat when you go out? What’s your favourite food to order at a restaurant? 26) What are you going to do next weekend? 27) What kind of music do you listen to? 28) What did you do yesterday?

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