1) He ... a party a week ago. a) had b) have c) has 2) She ... a cake for Jack's birthday last week. a) makes b) make c) made 3) We ... hungry a few minutes ago. a) feel b) feels c) felt 4) Dad ... mum at the station on Monday. a) met b) meet c) meeting 5) Alice ... lemonade at the cafe yesterday. a) drinks b) drank c) drink 6) We ... to the cinema last month. a) go b) went c) goes 7) You ... a photo of me two minutes ago. a) took b) take c) takes 8) I ... a pizza for lunch an hour ago. a) eat b) eats c) ate 9) Everyone ... to my party last Saturday. a) comes b) come c) came

Go Getter (2) 6.3_Irregular verbs (4)




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