Give a virtual high five , Use your whole body and act afraid, Play air guitar, Sky-write the ABC's, Be a tornado. Spin 5 times, Do 5 chair push ups, March in place for 10 times, Run in place for 30 seconds, Use your whole body and act surprised , Do 5 jumping jacks, Act like an airplane , Pretend to swim for 30 seconds, Act like you are in an invisible box, Take 10 monster steps, Sky-write your name , Draw a picture in the air and have someone guess what it is. , Play air piano for 30 seconds, Pretend to row a boat for 30 seconds , Pretend like you are walking through Jello for 30 seconds, Strike a silly pose , Do your favorite yoga pose, Move like a robot 30 seconds, Blow out all your air like a windstorm 5 times , Find a red object and point to it, Rub your belly and tap your head for 30 seconds , Stand on one foot and hop 5 times on each leg, Pretend like you are digging with a shovel, Pretend to climb an invisible ladder for 1 minute , Use your whole body and show anger , Pretend like you are popping 20 bubbles in the air, Pretend your seat is a roller coaster for 1 minute , Hop like a frog for 30 seconds , Pretend like you are singing in a microphone , Pretend like you are famous and waving to all your adoring fans, Compliment someone in the room, Say something nice about yourself , Hop like a bunny for 30 seconds , Stand up and waddle like a duck , Pretend to jump rope for 30 seconds , Make a silly face, Try to do a chair push up, Pretend like you are shooting a basketball, Pretend like you are throwing a football, Act like you are using a jump rope, Stand up and stretch your arms and legs, Draw the number 8 with your fingers and follow it with your eyes (try not to move your head), Wink with your right eye and pretend to use scissors with your left hand, Do an inchworm stretch, Try to touch your fingers behind your back , Make a wave with your arms, Squeeze your body tight for a few seconds and let it go, Find something on screen or close to you that is your favorite color.



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