1) What's the weather like today? a) It was cloudy. b) It's cloudy. c) It wasn't cloudy. d) It isn't cloudy. 2) What was the weather like yesterday? a) It wasn't windy. b) It's windy. c) It was windy. d) It isn't windy. 3) Albert Einstein... a) was from Germany. b) were from Germany. 4) Michael Jackson... a) were a singer. b) was a singer. 5) ...snow on Billy's house. a) There were b) There was 6) ...many people running a marathon last week. a) There was b) There were 7) Was it hot yesterday? a) Yes, it was. b) No, it wasn't. c) Yes, it were. d) No, it weren't. 8) Were they freezing yesterday? a) Yes, they was. b) No, they weren't. c) Yes, they were. d) No, they wasn't.




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