1) _____ he _____ to speak English at the moment? a) Does ... learns b) Does ... learn c) Is ... learning d) Does ... learning e) Did ... learn 2) _____ you read the newspaper every morning? a) Does b) Are c) Do d) Is e) Am 3) _____ he wearing black clothes today? a) Do b) Does c) Is d) Are e) Am 4) Does she usually _____ on weekends? a) study b) studies c) studying d) studied e) do 5) _____ you looking for your mom? a) Is b) Are c) Am d) Do e) Does 6) Does he _____ how to play football? a) know b) knowing c) knew d) knows e) is knowing 7) My brother _____ learning to drive at the moment. a) is b) do c) am d) are e) does 8) He _____ know how to play chess. a) don't b) do c) does d) is e) doesn't 9) I usually _____ to school by bike. a) coming b) come c) comes d) comeing e) am coming 10) She's _____ new red shoes today. a) wear b) wore c) wearing d) wears e) has wearing

Touchstone 1 - Unit 7 - Grammar - Simple Present & Present continuous



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