1) She ..... at the office. a) doesn't work b) work c) don't work d) works 2) My father ..... ....... cigarettes. (NOT) a) smokes b) smoke c) doesn't smoke d) don't smoke 3) I .... .... meat. (NOT) a) doesn't eat b) don't eat c) eat d) does eat 4) ...... Tom read a lot of books? a) Is b) Do c) Does d) Doesn't 5) We ..... to the radio. a) live b) listen c) drink d) listens 6) Alice and Mark .... ..... in London. (NOT) a) isn't living b) doesn't live c) don't live d) lives 7) ...... children cook dinner? a) Does b) Do c) Is d) Are 8) You ..... to the cinema at weekends. a) go b) play c) goes d) plays 9) A teacher ________ in a school.  a) doesn't work b) work c) don't work d) works 10) A ___________ works on a building site. a) farmer b) builder c) doctor d) teacher 11) A waiter _________ in a shop. a) works b) work c) doesn't work d) don't work 12) _________ doctors ________ in a hospital?  a) Does / works b) Do / work c) Does / work d) Do / works 13) Mary _______ her hair every morning. a) wash b) washes c) washs d) washing 14) Lewis and Ann _______ go to the cinema on Fridays. a) goes b) doesn't go c) go d) don't go 15) Janet ________ her homework after class. (NOT) a) doesn't b) don't do c) doesn't do d) don't



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