Have you ever been described as a "people person"? What does that mean to you?, Do you consider yourself a computer geek? Why or why not?, Have you heard the phrase "keep yourself to yourself" before? What do you think it means?, How would you define someone who is witty? Can you give an example of a witty remark?, What does it mean when someone is described as down-to-earth? Do you think this is a positive trait?, Who is someone in your life that you would describe as a good laugh? Why do you find them funny?, Are you someone who likes to plan everything out, or are you more spontaneous? Give an example., Would you say that you are generally cautious or do you take risks? Why?, What comes to mind when you hear the word eccentric? Do you know anyone who fits this description?, When was the last time you showed genuine sympathy for someone else? How did you express it?, Can you think of someone who is particularly witty? What makes them so funny?.


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