1) To force air from the lungs with a sudden, sharp sound. a) To touch b) To cough c) To hurt 2) At once. a) Regularly b) Healthy c) Immediately 3) A feeling of being hurt. a) Pain b) Pressure c) Cough 4) One of the two organs of breathing in the chest of a person and animals. a) Blood b) Lung c) Pulse 5) To put a hand or other part of the body on or against something. a) To touch b) To break c) To hurt 6) Foolish. a) Regularly b) Healthy c) Silly 7) The upper, front part of the body. a) Medicine b) Chest c) Lung 8) Usual, unchanging. a) Silly b) Regular c) Healthy 9) To feel pain. a) To touch b) To hurt c) To break




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