1) SAFE - you know something bad won't happen 2) CALM - you are relaxed 3) EMBARRASSED - you feel uncomfortable or ashamed 4) HELPLESS - can't stop something from happening 5) JUMPY - you feel scared easily 6) RELIEVED - feel better when something bad stops happening 7) KIND - you treat someone nicely 8) YUCKY - something is gross or disgusting 9) BRAVE - you do something scary to do 10) DIFFERENT - you feel like you're not the same as others 11) LONELY - you have nobody to be with 12) HOPEFUL - you know something good is going to happen  13) GUILTY - feeling bad about what you did wrong 14) CONFUSED - you don't understand or know the answer to something 15) SCARED - you feel like something scary or dangerous is happening 16) EXCITED - you look forward to something good happening 17) FRUSTRATED - something is not working or goes wrong. Something is hard to do. 18) HAPPY - something good happens 19) WORRIED - afraid something bad will happen 20) PROUD - you feel good about something you do well 21) SAD - something upsets you 22) JEALOUS - someone has something you want 23) LOVE - you care about something a lot 24) ANGRY - you don't like what happened



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