1) Where was Stella when she opened her eyes? a) in the corridor b) in the yard c) in her bedroom 2) How is the house known as? a) Saxby Palace b) Saxby Hall c) Saxby Town 3) Where was Stella lying? a) in her parent´s bed b) in her own bed c) in her aunt´s bed 4) What could Stella see from her bedroom? a) the sun shinning bright b) autumn leaves c) thick snow and icicles 5) Did Stella know if it was morning or evening? a) No, she didn´t. b) Yes, she did. 6) What was her mouth like? a) as dry as a desert b) as heavy as a stone c) as wet as a fish 7) What was her boy like? a) as dry as a desert b) as heavy as a stone c) as wet as a fish 8) What did Stella do to test she was asleep and dreaming? a) waggled her little toe b) moved her fingers c) shook her head 9) She felt packined, so what did she try to do? a) to circle her wrists b) to circle her big toe c) to circle her ankles 10) Was it possible to move? a) Yes b) No 11) The house dated back ... a) centuries b) years c) months 12) Why did Stella sometimes think the house was haunted? a) Because sometimes she could hear a voice calling to her, like a ghost. b) Because sometimes she could see elves in the corridor c) Because sometimes she could see the silhoutte of a witch 13) What did she do when she believed a ghost stalked Saxby Hall in the dead of night? a) She would scream out loud b) She would dash into her parent´s room c) She would hide her hear under her pillow 14) How often did Stella lock her bedroom door? a) Always b) Never c) Sometimes 15) Did she know where the key was? a) Yes, she knew. b) No, she didn´t know. 16) Who lost the key a hundred years ago? a) her grandparents b) her brother c) Some great-great-great grandparent 17) What did the little girl see through the keyhole? a) the shadow of a big owl b) a painting of the Lord in the corridor c) the white of an eyeball staring at her 18) Someone was spying on her through the hole. The door pushed open and whta did Stella see? a) a silhouette b) a ghost c) a baby 19) What was the name of the owl? a) Wagon b) Wagner c) Cammeron 20) How many time was Stella asleep? a) months b) years c) days




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