1) Alberta was born in 1868. Herbert was born in 1880. Lord Chester was born in 1880. Who was the eldest of the three children? a) Alberta b) Herbert c) Lord Chester 2) Who was the first-born child? a) Herbert b) Lord Chester c) Alberta 3) Who followed Alberta? a) Herbert b) Lord Chester c) Herbert and Lord Chester 4) Who was destined to take the title of Lord? a) Herbet b) Chester c) Alberta 5) What came togeher with the title? a) riches, jewels & the family home b) castles and horses c) marriage and wedding 6) What did the family law say about the inheritance? a) jewels passed down the generations b) only women could use those jewels c) Lords must bury jewels in a secret place 7) What happened soon after Herbert was born? a) the baby vanished in the dead of night b) the baby cried all night long c) the baby  8) Choose the INCORRECT sentence. Some people supposed that.... a) a circus troup kidnapped Herbert. b) the infanta climbed out of his cot. c) an UFO took him away. 9) The Lord and the Lady roamed around Saxby Hall like... a) mummies. b) monsters. c) ghosts. 10) There were said they have died of ... a) hunger. b) broken hearts. c) chickenpox.




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