Do you want to come and see the new Brad Pitt film? - I've already seen it., Have you done your English homework? - Yes, I've just finished it., What time's your mother leaving? - She's already left., Would you like a cup of coffee? - No, thanks. I've just had one., Have you tidied your room yet? - No, not yet. I'm going to tidy it later., Why can't we have chips for dinner? - Because you've already had them 3 times this week., Do you know how Sheila is? - She's fine. I've just spoken to her., What's his new girlfriend like? - I don't know. I haven't met her yet., What's your English course like? - I haven't started it yet. It starts tomorrow., I loved your shoes!!! - Thanks. I've just bought them., You look really sleepy! - Yeah! I've just got up!, Where are Peter and Andrew? - You're late. They've already gone home.,




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