1) She came ______ some old photographs in a drawer. a) across b) round c) into 2) She came _____ a fortune when her uncle died. a) across b) into c) up with 3) Do come ______ and see us some time. a) into b) round c) across 4) She came ________ a new idea for increasing sales. a) up with b) round c) down with 5) I think I'm coming _______ flu. a) up with b) into c) down with 6) Your mother hasn't yet come _______ from the anaesthetic. a) across b) up with c) round/to 7) The new James Bond film's ____ at the cinema, would you like to go and see it? a) on b) for c) off 8) We have to be patients and stay strong, the pandemic is going to be _____ soon. a) up to b) off c) over 9) I was ________ leave the room, when the baby started crying again, so I had to stay and lull him back to sleep. a) for b) up to c) about to 10) Yeah, it'a great plan, I'm all ____ it. Let's do it! a) for b) up to c) on

Moutsou EGE Grammar and Vocab Unit 1 Phrasal Verbs

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