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1) Jeans were originally designed as a) a fashion accessory b) clothes for work. c) clothes for special occasions. 2) Levi Strauss was a) a gold miner. b) a gold designer. c) an immigrant worker. 3) The Chinese invented a toothbrush made of a) bamboo and pig's hairs. b) bone and dog's hairs. c) wood and grass. 4) The first electric toothbrush was available on the market in the a) 1940s. b) 1960s. c) 1980s. 5) Plastic has taken over because it's a) durable and less heavy. b) less expensive. c) safe and clean. 6) The time it takes plastic to biodegrade is a) 14 years. b) 145 years. c) 450 years. 7) The first ever text message sent said: a) Happy Birthday! b) Hi there! c) Merry Christmas! 8) The percentage of people in the world today with a mobile phone is a) 50%. b) 60%. c) 70%. 9) The internet was originally developed by the US government as a a) business network. b) research network. c) social network. 10) The percentage of the world's population today with access to the Internet is a) 30%. b) 40%. c) 50%.

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