What is your name?, How do you spell your name?, Who is your teacher?, Where are you from?, How are you?, What are your online classes like?, What is your best friend's name?, What do you do?, What does your mother do?, What does your favorite artist do?, How do you like your job?, Where do you work?, Where do you go to school?, What time do you get up?, What time do you have breakfast?, What time do you have classes?, When do you have classes?, What do you do on Sundays?, How often do you go to the church?, How often do you study English?, How often do you eat with your family?, What's your favorite color?, What are you wearing now?, What is your mother wearing now?, Where is your cellphone?, Where is your book?, What kind of music do you like?, Who do you usually listen to?, What is your favorite band?, Where would you like to go on Friday?, What would you like to do on Saturday?, Who would you like to go out with?, Who do you live with?, How many siblings do you have?, What's your family like?, How often do you exercise?, How often do you watch TV?, How often do you eat healthy food?, How good are you at sports?, How long do you spent studying English?, How many glasses of water do you drink everyday?, What did you do yesterday?, Where did you go yesterday?, How did you spend the weekend?, When did you have Portuguese class?, What did you study last class?.

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