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put aside - We will only evolve into a more enlightened species once we've learned to ______ our differences and work together to improve our civilization., come across - It's important to plan for every outcome, but remember you will always _______ unexpected problems., put across - It's always been difficult for Janet to _____ her ideias _____ in speech. She speaks through her art. If you want to know her, study her paintings., bring up - The big city is not the ideal environment to ______ a child. That's why we moved to the suburbs shortly after Chris was born., come up with - A Russian inventor has _____ a way to 3D print a house in 24 hours., setting up - I've always dreamed of ______ a coffee shop where people could also play board games., run out of - Whenever I ______ ideas, I take a short break from writing and do something relaxing, like playing my guitar or watching a little TV., bring about - Many people believe the development of nanotechnology will ______ a revolution in our society., run down - I prefer a hibrid to an eletric car because of their greater autonomy. I mean, you don't want your battery to _______ far away from home and with no recharging stations nearby., put up with - I've decided I will no longer ______ racism and intolerance.,

Platinum 2 Unit 4 Phrasal verbs

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