1) In my opinion, the film was great but the locations were not so good...... a) introduction b) conclusion c) body 2) "Have you ever visited the caribbean?" and some other similar questions are... a) A good starting point b) a good part of the body c) a good way to summarize ideas 3) "on the one hand... on the other hand" are.... a) expressions that we can use in the introduction b) very helpful to compare/contrast ideas in the body c) phrases of the conclusion 4) "however" is a linking word use.... a) at the beginning of the sentence b) at the end of the sentence c) at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence 5) and, too and also are expressions to... a) add information b) to link ideas c) both are correct d) both are wrong 6) there are good expressions to start a conclusion such as... a) in conclusion, because, however... b) to summarize, in conclusion, to conclude... c) both are correct

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