I usually get ____ money every week. I ____ work for it, but I sometimes ____ extra money for special jobs. I looked ____ my little cousin a week ago and got £10 from my aunt! I ____ the money in my money box . I’m saving for a ____ phone. My brothers and I all ____ in the house. We ____ the dog, ____ the dishes and ____ the bin. But we don’t get pocket money for these ____. We get pocket money when we need Saturday my mum ____ me some money for new clothes. I went into town and ____ a pair of trainers. They’re cool! I get pocket money every ____, and yes, I sometimes for it. Last Saturday I ____ my dad’s car and did the ____. I ____ pizza too! That was unusual. Usually, I ____ my bed and ____ my room, but I don’t help much around the house. I ____ have time!




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