1) When Tom was 16, he was a fast runner. He __________ run 100m in 12 seconds! a) must b) could c) can d) couldn't e) can't f) should 2) The coat you bought id of very good quality. It ________ have been very expensive. a) can b) must c) can't d) should e) could f) couldn't 3) This is a very precious book. You _________ lose it! a) shouldn't b) should c) can d) can't e) needn't f) mustn't 4) We ______ hurry. We've got plenty of time. a) should b) shouldn't c) could d) mustn't e) needn't f) can 5) It's getting windy outside. You __________ put your coat on. a) can b) could c) needn't d) should e) ought f) must

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