1) What animal does The Little Red Riding Hood meet in the forest? a) She meets a dog. b) She meets a wolf. c) She meets a snake. 2) How many bears are there in the Goldilocks story? a) There are 3 bears. b) There are 4 bears. c) There are 5 bears. 3) What is the color of Peter Pan's clothes? a) They are blue. b) They are red. c) They are green. 4) What fruit did Snow White got from the witch as a present? a) She got a watermelon. b) She got an apple. c) She got an orange. 5) What's special about Rapunzel? a) She has a really long hair. b) She has a big nose. c) She has no teeth. 6) What piece of clothing did Cinderella lose in the castle? a) She lost her shoes. b) She lost her iPhone. c) She lost her earrings. 7) How many dwarfs were there in the Snow White story? a) There were 6 dwarfs. b) There were 7 dwarfs. c) There were 8 dwarfs. 8) What is the name of the Captain in Peter Pan's story? a) It's Captain Ocean. b) It's Captain Hulk. c) It's Captain Hook. 9) Where does Bella live in the Beauty and the Beast story? a) She lives in the shopping mall. b) She lives in a castle. c) She lives in a big house. 10) What is the name of the magic land from Alice's story? a) It's Wonderland. b) It's Aliceland. c) It's Awesomeland.



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