American - My sister is from USA. She is..., doctor - When I grow up I want to be a ... because I love helping people!, second - Every year my sister wins the ... (2nd) prize in the reading competition, she never gets the first prize!, shy - My mother is very outgoing, but my father isn’t. He is …, always - I love watching movies. I … (100%) watch a movie on Saturdays., cheerfull - I love "The Minions" because they are sweet and ...!!, sometimes - He ... (50%) relaxes in the afternoon, him - I think Maradona is rude. I don't like ..., could - When I was 6, I … draw very well., where - ... do you live? , am not - I ... organized. I'm messy., quarter past five - What time is it? (5.45) It's ..., reading - My mother loves … history books!, from - Where are you ...? I'm from Spain, rude - My sister is kind, she isn't ...,

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