Kate is a frog in a lake. She has a mate and his name is Jake., Kate and Jake like to swim in the lake. It is a nice place and they like to swim and eat. Kate and Jake like to eat bugs., One day, Jake has a new plan. He wants to go up a fig tree to get a fig to eat., Jake jumps up the tree and grabs a fig. How will Jake get down now?, Kate sees Jake in the fig tree. "Please help me, Kate!" states Jake., "Is it too late to save Jake?" asks Kate. "If I give him a rope, will that make him safe?", Kate goes to the gate and puts a rope on the gate. "Jake, take the rope!" states Kate., Kate shuts the gate and Jake hops down., "You are brave," states Kate. "I am glad you came to save me!" states Jake., Now Kate and Jake rest at the lake. Kate gave her best to save Jake. "I will eat a bug," states Kate. Jake likes his fig..



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