In 1990, Zoe Lemon was on a ferry, sailing from Hull in England to Germany. She was going on holiday with her family. The journey was long and ____ and ten-year-old Zoe soon got ____. To pass the time, she decided to write a message in a bottle and drop it into the sea. "It will be ____ if someone finds it," she thought. Then she frogot about the bottle completely. Twenty-three years later, she was ____ to get a reply from someone in th Netherlands. A man was walking on the beach and was ____ to find Zoe's bottle in the sand. He wrote to the address on the message, where Zoe's parens still live. Zoe was ____, but it was also very ____ for her to see her message again after twenty-three years, and she cried when she read it. "It's ____ that the bottle didn't break," said Zoe. Her five-year-old son thinks it is all very ____ and wants to put a message in a bottle himself!




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