1) Are they the Wizard of Oz? a) Yes, they are! b) No, they aren't. 2) What do they say to Dorothy and her friends? a) "Kill the Bad Witch of the West!" b) "Kill the Good Witch of the North!" 3) Where does the Bad Witch of the West live? a) In the land of the Winkies b) In the land of the Munchkins 4) She has a magic...  a) Eye b) Hat c) Monkey 5) The bad Witch orders the Winged Monkeys to... a) Kill the tinwoodman and the scarecrow b) Kill Dorothy, Toto and the Lion 6) The Lion is in... a) a cage b) a jaul c) a box 7) Dorothy is...  a) playing b) cleaning c) sleeping 8) Dorothy is very angry because... a) The Bad Witch has Toto b) The Bad Witch is ugly c) The Bad Witch has her silver shoes 9) So, Dorothy threw water on the Witch and... a) the Bad Witch dissappears! b) the Bad Witch is very angry!  10) The Winkies are... a) Angry! b) Super happy! c) Surprised 11) The Lion gives ...... to Dorothy a) The cage b) Water c) The magic hat 12) The Winged Monkeys and the Winkies... a) help Dorthy and her friends b) don't help Dorothy and her friends 13) Where are they going? a) To Dorothy's house b) To Emerald City c) To the land of the Winkies 14) Is he a REAL wizard? a) Yes, he is. b) No, he isn't. 15) Does he help Dorothy and her friends? a) Yes, he does b) No, he doesn't 16) Now, the scarecrow has a... a) brain b) heart 17) Now the tinwoodman has a... a) brain b) heart 18) Now, the lion is... a) clever b) romantic c) brave 19) Does Dorothy go home in this part? a) Yes, she does b) No, she doesn't. 20) A soldier tells Dorothy to find... for help. a) The Wizard of Oz b) The Bad Witch of the West c) The Good Witch of the South 21) The solution is in... a) her silver shoes b) the magic hat c) her friends 22) She has to tap her shoes... a) 2 times b) 3 times c) 4 times 23) Finally! Dorothy and Toto are... a) home! b) in the Land of Oz c) in the land of the Winkies

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Part 2 QUIZ

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