Weathering: Flood water pounding against a canyon wall breaking it down, Caves being formed by acid rain dissolving underground limestone, Water getting into cracks, freezing, and breaking the rocks or pavement apart, Wind blasting sand at tock and carving out arches, Glaciers scraping rocks across the earth's surface, rocks being made smooth by tumbling across a streambed, Erosion: Rain washing away soil from a hillside, A mudslide flowing down a steep hill, Wind blowing sand from one location to another, Muddy water being carried away from a fast moving river, Flood waters moving soil from one location to another, Deposition: Layers of sediment forming at the bottom of the ocean, Glaciers dropping rock and sand to form terminal moraines, Waves dropping sand on the beach, Deltas forming at the mouths of rivers , Ponds filling up with sediment and becoming marshes ,




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