We use the gerund: With GO to talk about physical activities (go shopping, go swimming) , As the SUBJECT or OBJECT of the sentence (Understanding other people's opinions isn't easy. I love swimming.), After prepositions (I learn BY watching), except TO, After verbs of liking and disliking LIKE, LOVE, ENJOY, DON'T LIKE, HATE, DON'T MIND (мне все равно), CAN'T STAND (I love giving presents). BUT not with WOULD LIKE, We use the infinitive: To explain WHY smb does smth (he shouted at the waiter to tell him the food was bad) , Immediately after ADJECTIVES (It's easy to make friends), After verbs WANT, LEARN, AGREE, DECIDE, EXPECT, HOPE, SEEM, TRY, WOULD LIKE/WOULD LOVE, PROMISE,

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