1) I _______ her for six years. a) knew b) have known c) know d) didn't know 2) I _______ Pete last night. a) didn't see b) saw c) have seen d) have not seen 3) He _______ in Paris from 1997 to 2000. a) have lived b) have not lived c) lived d) lives 4) They ________ some postcards. a) have just bought b) have just buyed c) just bought d) just buy 5) I'm really hungry. I ________ since last night. a) has eaten b) ate c) didn't eat d) have not eaten 6) We _________ a taxi to town that morning. a) have not taken b) took c) take d) have taken 7) I ______ my job three times this year. a) changed b) changes c) have changed d) did not change 8) A car came round the corner and I ______ out of the way. a) jumped b) was jumped c) have not jumped d) have jumped 9) It’s the first time I ______ on a ship. a) have was b) did not been c) was d) have been 10) Tom Hanks ______ an Oscar several times already. a) won b) has won c) has winnen d) did not win


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