Paulo likes reading novels., Carol speaks French very well, Mary doesn't watch TV in bed, Tim writes a lot of poems. , Hannah doesn't listen to the radio in the morning, Sylvia finishes her homework on time every week, We don't read many comics, Claire and Susan see their cousins every weekend, My brother doesn't lose many football games, I never do homework on Saturday, I never do homework on Saturday., Olga usually spends one hour a day painting, Wendy sometimes eats breakfast in bed on Sundays, We always take lots of photos on holiday, My mum and dad are often late home after work, Joanna never studies English at the weekend, Pavel usually goes to the cinema once a week, Steven is always early for school, Peter goes out with his friends in the evening, Carmen studies German in her free time, Hans doesn't play basketball with his friends, Sylvia watches TV every night, I don't understand most poems, We paint pictures at the weekend, David and Frank don't want to live in a village, I don't have a shower in the mornings, Do you like hip hop?, Does Tony work every day?, Where does Weronika live?, Do Brenda and Ruth do their homework every day?, How often do you visit your aunt and uncle?, Does Linda watch romantic films?, Do you want to go to the cinema?, Does Jim read a lot of novels?, Does Patricia study every evening after school?, What time does Victor wake up?, Do Konrad and Rob walk to school every day?, Does your grandmother phone very often?, Does Luke listen to classical music?, When do your brother and sister go swimming?, Do you play a musical instrument?.



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