Would you prefer to work with optimist or realist people?, What does a successful worker need to ?, Supposing you had the choice which job would you like to have ?, Describe your ideal job., What kinds of working conditions would you like at your job?, What might have happened if you had studied more ?, What might be some reasons for the success of some companies ? Name some of them., Would you like to be a social entrepreneur? Why ? Why not?, Who do you take after ? Your mom or dad ?, Which is the most awe-inspiring natural place you ´ve been to?, Who is the hardest-working person you know?, Who has influenced you ?, Who is J.K. Rowling?, Do you want to be a high achiever ?, What´s the name of a well-known tennis player ?, Who has had the biggest impact in Brazil lately ?, Have you ever heard of Mahatma Gandhi? Talk about him., Do you know anyone who has a sharp tongue ?, What do none of your friends do ?, What should be done if you have problems to speak in public ?, Are you afraid to talk ? .

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