1) Mary drinks _____ soda than her brother. a) less b) least c) more little 2) The _____ place Jake has ever been to is Japan. a) farest b) farthest c) most far 3) Joe thinks math is _____ than chemistry. a) more easy b) more easier c) easier 4) Jane does homework _____ than her sister. a) slowlier b) more slowly c) slower 5) Greg has the _____ toys among his friends. a) fewest b) fewer c) most few 6) Mark is _____ at soccer than his cousins. a) best b) more good c) better 7) A snail is ______ than a turtle. a) slowlier b) slower c) more slower 8) Larry is _____ at volleyball than his brothers. a) worse b) worst c) more bad 9) Kate has _____ books than her friends.  a) less b) fewer c) fewest 10) Paul is _____ at physics than all his classmates. a) more good b) best c) better 11) Carl has the _____ money among his brothers. a) less b) least c) most little 12) São Paulo is _____ than Goiânia. a) biggest b) more big c) bigger 13) My swimming pool is _____ than Cindy's. a) deeper b) deepest c) more deep 14) Living in a building is _____ than living in a house. a) more safe b) safer c) safier 15) John cleans the house as _____ as he can. a) quick b) quicker c) quickly

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