I like Anna. I like ____ Wait for Harry and me! Wait for ____! Please call Jack and Anna this evening. Please call ____ this evening. ____ love my family. I agree with Mrs Silva. I agree with ____. Jack is very angry. ____ is very angry. Sally and Jim are getting married today. ____ are getting married today Mark and I are cooking the dinner. ____ are cooking the dinner. I can see Matthew. I can see ____ Do you like computer games? Do you like ____? Are you sitting on my purse? Are you sitting on ____? Silvia can't come to the party. ____ is busy. The dogs are barking. ____ bark very loud. The weather is very cold. ____ is snowing. ____ parents are so nice. Can I speak to ____? My bag is red. ____ is red. My parents usually have lunch with Simon and me on Saturdays. My parents usually have lunch with ____ on Saturdays.



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