1) My battery is running ____. I have to go. a) of b) on c) out 2) Adele, ______ is from England, is a great singer. a) who b) that c) who /that 3) I remember ____________ the door before I left. I'm not crazy. a) to lock b) locking c) lock 4) I can't call her. My phone can't pick ____ signal here. a) on b) up c) of 5) The survivors suffered minor __________. a) injuries b) injured c) injury 6) I remember when internet wasn't _________. It took forever to load a picture! a) wired b) wire c) wireless 7) I hate when ads start popping ____ on the screen! a) up b) out c) at 8) There were several _______ due to last night's flood. a) casualities b) casualty c) casualties 9) I didn't want to get up this morning when the alarm went ______. a) of b) off c) out 10) She is such a downer. She complais _______ everything. a) of b) on c) about 11) There was a ______ increase in the number of people contaminated by COVID-19. a) sharply b) sharp c) dramatic 12) She was thought to _______ in the crash. a) have died b) die c) to be dead 13) Some areas of Africa have _____ affected by a terrible drought. a) been b) being c) been being 14) Some people spend too much money _______ unecessary things. a) at b) in c) on 15) You should stop _________ so much about things. a) worrying b) to worry c) worry

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