1) I like ______ the ironing. a) doing b) making 2) Shhh, don't _____ a noise. The baby's sleeping. a) make b) do 3) My mother _____ the washing on Mondays. a) makes b) does 4) When I was little, I always ____ my bed before I went to school. a) made b) did 5) Can you _____ the sopping for me, please? a) do b) make 6) How often do you ______ exercise? a) make b) do 7) My children have _____ a lot of friends at their new school. a) made b) done 8) I broke a glass while I was ______ the washing-up. a) making b) doing 9) I _____ the mistake telling her my secret. a) made b) did 10) Do you like _______ plans for the future? a) making b) doing 11) Please, _____ your room. It's very untidy! a) make b) do 12) When was the last time you ____ an exam? a) did b) made 13) I don't have time to _____ lunch. Let's eat out. a) do b) make 14) Did you _____ anything exciting at the weekend? a) make b) do 15) Please, can you ____ exercise 1 on page 16? a) do b) make 16) Can I borrow your phone? I need to _____ a call. a) make b) do



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