1) Does she go to school at half past eight? a) Yes, she does. b) Yes, she is. c) No, she don't. d) No, I don't. 2) Is Noah playing chess? a) He is playing table tennis. b) No, he isn't. c) No, he doesn't. d) Yes, I am. 3) Do you play video games every day? a) Yes, I don't. b) Yes, I am. c) Yes, I was. d) Yes, I do. 4) Is there any tuna? a) No, there isn't. b) No, I can't. c) Yes, there are. d) Yes, there isn't. 5) Where does she perform? a) At half past nine. b) At the park c) Every day. d) Yes, she does. 6) What time do you have a shower? a) At quarter past five. b) On Thursdays. c) Every day. d) At home 7) Where was the lamp? a) It is next to the fireplace b) Yes, it was. c) It was on the rug. d) No, it wasn't. 8) How old are you? a) I'm fine, thanks. b) I'm ten years old. c) My name is Rosie. d) I have nine years old. 9) Are they cycling? a) No, they aren't. b) No, they are. c) No, I'm not. d) Yes, they aren't. 10) What does he play? a) On Wednesdays. b) He plays the cello. c) At the park d) He play the guitar.

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