1) Which holiday of the year does not exist on the Gregorian calendar? a) Black conscience day b) Great grandparents day c) Valentine's Day d) April Fools' Day 2) what day of the week is wrong in english: a) Terça-Feira / Saturday b) Quarta-Feira / Wednesday c) Quinta-Feira / Thursday d) Domingo / Sunday 3) Tick the correct answer: What is the most used website in the world? a) Google b) Facebook c) Youtube d) Twitter 4) Check the correct answer: Which number in English what is wrong? a) Forty-nine / 49 b) Fifty-six / 56 c) ninety-one / 91 d) fifty / 40 5) Why is it good to learn English? a) The English language improves your memory and keeps your brain active. Another reason to learn English b) To be aware of what they say c) It serves nothing. d) I do not know what to say



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