Crie melhores lições mais rapidamente
1) Ann ______________ (get up) at 7 o'clock every day. a) get up b) gets up 2) She _____________ (have ) breakfast at 7.15. a) haves b) has 3) She ___________ (brush) her teeth after every meal. a) brush b) brushs c) brushes 4) Jack __________ (not/have) lunch at school. a) don't have b) doesn't have c)  not have 5) Ann _________ (play) basketball. a) plays b) play 6) She ____________ (not/play) tennis. a) don't play b) doesn't play c) not play 7) Joe ___________ (wash) the dog on Friday. a) washs b) washes c) wash 8) He __________ (not/wash) the dog every day. a) don't wash b) doesn't washes c) doesn't wash 9) Babies often ___________ (cry). a) cry b) cries c) crys 10) My baby sister often ____________ (cry). a) crys b) cries c) cry 11) The school usually ____________ (finish) at 12.20.  a) finishes b) finishs c) finish 12) I ____________ (finish) school at 1.00 pm.  a) finishes b) finish c) finishs 13) The school ____________ (not/finish) at 3.00 pm. a) don't finish b) doesn't finishes c) doesn't finish 14) I always ______________ (do) my homework. a) do b) does 15) My brother sometimes ___________ (not/do) his homework. a) don't do. b) doesn't do. 16) He _____________ (play) video games almost every day. a) plays b) play 17) We ____________ (not /go) to the cinema every week. a) doesn't go b) don't go 18) Robert _____________ (tidy up) his room every weekend. a) tidys up b) tidy up c) tidies up 19) Sophie ______________ (go) to school on foot. a) goes b) go 20) The children ___________(do) their homework after school. a) does b) do



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