1) What does "confidentiality" mean? a) Mrs. Huerta is going to tell everyone my business b) Mrs. Huerta is going to keep our conversations private c) Mrs. Huerta is confident that she has the best groups ever! 2) What is something that Mrs. Huerta will keep confidential? a) I share about a child who is being abused. b) I say that I want to hurt myself. c) I say that I am angry at my mom for yelling at me. d) I say that I am going to hurt someone else. 3) Group is somewhere that I will learn how to manage my own behaviors. a) True b) False 4) I should respect other group members' privacy by not talking about group outside of session. a) True b) False 5) When should I attend group? a) Every week b) Whenever I feel like it c) Never



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