1) What is ___ (good) country to live in? 2) Are you ___ (popular) than your best friend? 3) Who is ___ (interesting) person you know? 4) Are you ___ (busy) during the week or at weekends? 5) What was ___ (important) invention in history? 6) Is a laptop ___ (useful) than a mobile phone? 7) Who is ___ (talkative) person in your family? 8) Are you ___ (active) in the mornings or evenings? 9) What is ___ (difficult) thing about studying English? 10) Are vegetarians ___ (healthy) than people who eat meat? 11) Who is ___ (funny) person that you know? 12) What is ___ (bad) than failing exams? 13) What is ___ (safe) form of transport? 14) Are you ___ (short) than the average person? 15) What is ___ (beautiful) city you have ever visited? 16) Are you ___ (happy) now or when you were younger? 17) What is ___ (expensive) thing you have ever bought? 18) Is learning maths ___ (hard) than learning English? 19) What is ___ (exciting) sport to watch? 20) Which is ___ (entertaining), playing computer games or watching films?

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