What's the silliest argument you've ever been in?, Favorite microwave meal?, Favorite meal breakfast, lunch, or dinner?, Phone app you use the most?, What do you regret not doing in the last year?, If you could magically become famous, would you want to?, If you could have a superpower, what would it be?, Which fictional character do you relate to most?, What's the most ridiculous outfit you've ever worn?, What is the best present you ever received?, What is your most used emoji?, Best professional development book you’ve ever read?, What’s your favorite way to get in some exercise?, What does your typical work from home uniform look like?, What’s the hardest part about working virtually for you? The easiest?, What’s one thing we could do to improve our virtual meetings?, What was the worst job you ever had?, If you could magically become fluent in any language, what would it be?, If you could have the power of teleportation right now, where would you go and why?, What is your favorite snack?.

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